Photo Gallery

Spectacular Prague from the gondolas of Buddy Bombard’s balloons.

Buddy Bombard guests on a gentle exploration of Cappadocia, Turkey.

Buddy Bombard and pilots display their precision skills.

Just one dramatic scene on Buddy Bombard’s Swiss Winter Alps adventures.

Every day on a Buddy Bombard balloon vacation includes a much appreciated program of in depth sightseeing.

Buddy Bombard’s signature low-level sightseeing, Loire Valley, France.

Buddy Bombard guests explore the surreal landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey.

Burgundy ’s fairytale Chateau de la Rochepot as seen from
Buddy Bombard’s balloons.

Oh! Look! Buddy Bombard’s
pretty balloons!

Dinner is served! Chateau Savigny-les- Beaune, Burgundy, France.

The medieval pageantry of Siena’s Palio, Buddy Bombard’s Tuscany.

Awesome Prague from the gondolas of Buddy Bombard’s balloons.

Buddy Bombard guests approach Karljstein Castle, Prague.

Lovely Siena, as experienced from Buddy Bombard’s gently drifting balloons.

Guests enjoy spectacular ‘pinch me’ scenery from Buddy Bombard’s balloons, Swiss Winter Alps.

Buddy Bombard guests explore Cappadocia’s 6th century dwellings.

Istanbul ’s famous Blue Mosque,
Buddy Bombard’s Turkey.

Magnificent 7th century rock cave dwellings of Cappadocia
Buddy Bombard’s Turkey.

Buddy Bombard guests explore ancient Cappadocia, Turkey.

Buddy Bombard guests take in an incomparable view of andcient Siena
and its Duomo.

Buddy Bombard guests explore weird and wonderful Cappadocia.

A warm welcome as one of Buddy Bombard's pilots stops to visit a vacation campground.

Buddy Bombard guests enjoy a spectacular view of Chateau Chambord, Loire Valley.

Buddy Bombard guests tiptoe across
the rooftops of Siena.

Palio pageantry,
Buddy Bombard’s Tuscany.

The private wine barrel cellar of Countess de Loisy, Buddy Bombard’s Burgundy.

Buddy Bombard’s guests enjoy their excursion through the stunning Swiss Emmental region.

Sightseeing in Siena,
Buddy Bombard style.

Buddy Bombard guests explore 15th century Monterriggioni, Siena’s former military fortress.

A private incentive charter enjoys their Buddy Bombard vacation.

Let’s surprise them with a visit! Buddy Bombard’s Swiss Summer.

Buddy Bombard guests take off from the lawn of Chateau D’Artigny, Loire Valley.

A childhood fantasy comes alive. Buddy Bombard’s Europe.

Grape pickers greet Buddy Bombard guests, Burgundy, France.

Austrian villagers wave to guests
in Buddy Bombard balloons.

Buddy Bombard guests sightsee near 14 th century Schloss Fuschl, our hotel while in Austria.

Buddy Bombard guests float above remarkable Chateau Chenanceau, Loire Valley.

A room at elegant Chateau de Bagnols, an overnight stay on Buddy Bombard’s Burgundy/Swiss Summer Trip Combination.

Germany ’s romantic Neuschwanstein Castle, Buddy Bombard’s Swiss Summer/Salzburg Trip Combination.

Buddy Bombard

Buddy Bombard brings out
the child in us all.

Sightseeing in Siena,
Buddy Bombard style.